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Different Types Of Hosting Options For Your Website

Jun 14, 2018

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Almost every company these days has their own website to have a brand property online. A website online defines the brand and shows the customers how serious the company is about their business. To get the website right, it is essential to have not just the best team of designers, copywriters, HTML and backend team guys, but also excellent hosting providing to ensure that the website runs smoothly even with large amounts of traffic. For example, a dedicated server hosting India company helps improve the downtime condition in the system as well as load images, video and other content on the brand’s websites faster.

Here are the different types of hosting options that you can choose from when creating your brand’s website –

Wordpress Hosting
Wordpress is one of the best, most powerful and also one of the most reliable Content Management System (CMS) online. It is the number one option for bloggers as well big brands who are looking to create an excellent website with a super user-friendly CMS and backend for ease of access. Wordpress can also host e-commerce websites seamlessly.

Reseller Hosting
Reseller hosting is basically buying a web hosting space and selling it further to clients. A lot of companies choose this option when they are looking to get their own web hosting business. With reseller hosting India through companies like Cybex Hosting you can also get a free domain, free migration, custom branding, white label reseller account as well as a payment gateway! How convenient is that! With this option, you can create your very own prices and packages which will be profitable no matter what you charge!

SEO Hosting
If you are looking at hosting multiple websites from a single account, with SEO hosting from Cybex Hosting you can easily assign a unique Class C IP address to each website. SEO hosting helps to boot all your websites’ rankings because Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines consider only the unique IP address as the final parameter of quality in their own search algorithms. SEO companies also use this feature to backlink their own websites within the same category. There are a lot of different SEO hosting packages India from reputed brands like Cybex Hosting that you can choose from based on your budget and your preferences.

High-scale Business Hosting
This option is usually opted for by huge companies that have high-scale business where they usually have a lot of website traffic every day. This could apply for fashion, photography, email commerce websites and other types of companies who have a lot of traffic throughout the day. To improve the loading time of the website, companies invest in high quality cheap web hosting India like Cybex Hosting which is not only sixteen times quicker than regular websites but also has a lot of backups of you websites.


So, what are you waiting for? Purchase an excellent website hosting provider today and make the best out of your website by improving the user experience and speed of the website loading time.