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Everything You Want To Know About Rubber Seal And Its Varied Designs

Jul 12, 2018

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The rubber seal is a common term, widely used in our day to day life. The basic intent behind designing rubber seal is the prevention of fluid leakage between two joints. Rubber seals are like mechanical seals which are used in dynamic and static sealing applications with an ease. In general, rubber seals are made up of natural or fabricated rubber widely used in varied industries like construction, aerospace, automotive etc. Aside from this, these custom rubber seals are commonly adopted in varied applications because of its invincible features like fire retardation, aging resistance and much more.


Let’s have a look at the varied rubber seal designs:-

These days, different types and shapes of custom plastic seals are available in the market, which is later bifurcated on the basis of usage, application and materials. Here we are not discussing all but information regarding some seals are shared below, which have a different cross-section as well as design.  Let’s have a look at these design in detail:-


X-rings: - The design of this rubber seal appears like alphabetic character X, therefore it is referred as X ring. Aside from, being used in rotary seal application, X ring flaunts double closing action. This rubber seal share 4 lobed configurations, which prevents it to get twisted


O Rings: - This rubber seal is round or doughnut in a shape whose edge trim the shape of the cavity, in order to get fit into it. This rubber ring can be effectively used in static, dynamic and simple mounting requirement.


U-cup seal: - This rubber seal is commonly used for joining rams or roots. Due to its shape self-sealing from inside and outside of diameter has become possible. Albeit, there are three varieties of this seal, so that one can choose according to the requirement.


Square ring: - With a square cross-section, this rubber seal ring is commonly used in pressure gasketing functions. This seal is ideal for static application, therefore offer several benefits like better elasticity, accurate hardness, correctly formed edges, controlled surface smoothness and many other.


As we know, a proper seal is designed on the basis of contact pressure, pressure carrying calculation, spring rate, seal wear and much more. That’s why this complex science innovative can effectively turn every failed design into a successful one, without involving too much time and efforts. Therefore this vital piece of technological advancement is widely used in every new piece of equipment used in fluid control or fluid power in order to prevent a future mishap.


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