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Veronica Mabel Temoche Manrique


Jesus is life, there's no life without him. He is unique.

Hello brothers and sisters, I'm glod because thanks to cross.tv I meet many people from others countries, and is nice because we share many things no matter in what status social we are, or religion, the most important here is believe in god. I am a person very sencibility, emotional,charitable, I like a lot to serve people who need i Help, do things give a hands who need one, provide not only materials things . God made to much for us specially foor poor people, we have to follow him as example. t He was an example for us and he still been an example so we have to learn about that and what he want to we make. Every one know what we have to do and the way we have to go, and every day of ours life have to be full of loving, share, dedication, compassionate. I'm a baby in the fe but I learn a lot from my brothers and sisters and is wonderfull still meet diferent people with you can share about love and your life in JESUS CHRIST, because no matter the distances, no matter how far we are the most important is that we are close why? because we have one and the unique father and is JESUS CHRIST. God bless you all of you.




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A prayer: 2 bless ur way A wish : 2 lighten ur moments A cheer: 2 perfect ur day A text: 2 say HAPPY BIRTH DAY


Blessing birthday

Blue Sky

Thank you sister Mabel...you are absolutely right "****the most important is who we have beside us****" and it is our faith in one and only Lord....Amen

Mabelt tampil di cross.board Blue Sky

Mabelt menambah galeri baru Mabel's Birthday


be blessed


Thanks sky blue God bless you.

Blue Sky

Alles gute zum Geburtstag, Helge!


sorry blue sky is correct right ...


Thank you ....


Thanks so much brother babasola your sister mabel.

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