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Andy Moses

Andy Moses|Ukraine

Thanks you My dear friends! God loves YOU!

Doa Saya

Prayer about that God has blest creativity (writing and execution of songs of group Zion).Во The glory, in the certificate to all people. Молитва о том,чтоб Бог |lebih

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iklan Komunitas


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We have orphan kids in hand, sending you loving birthday greetings from India, Have a nice day.

Global Day of Celebration 2014

Global Day of Celebration 2014 has visited you today January 14, 2013. Lloyd Paul Young

Andy Moses sekarang menjadi kontak dari Ambassadors

Andy Moses menambah video baru Christmas song

Christmas song


jesus is wonderful and he love you

Andy Moses menambahkan file audio For a rain

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What can I?

What can I?

Что я могу?       Всего лишь наблюдать,за бесконечной сменой жизни во вселенной.Приходят мысли, | lebih

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