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Saurabh Lazarus


Always thankful to God, As He is Good all the time..

Doa Saya

Holy Holy Lord Almighty, Help me and save me from all evils while i am travelling to london for higher studies. Holy spirit guide me in all things related to studies, health and work. My |lebih

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Saurabh bergabung dalam doa Deliverance dari tonyjeans

Saurabh bergabung dalam doa Servants in the ministry dari allanrich

Saurabh Always thankful to God, As He is Good all the time..

Saurabh I am in london now.. Looking here for good fellowship and friends..

Saurabh sekarang menjadi kontak dari shekinahrevivals

Saurabh Please remember in your prayers, I am travelling to London this sunday for higher studies. Amen.

Saurabh tampil di cross.board Johanna Gabriela

Saurabh Please remember in your prayers, I am leaving for London this sunday. I am very tensed as i didnt got the Work Permit there, keep this in your prayers. Amen.

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