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As Everyone Knows, it Needs a Father to Father a Child

Mar 30, 2012

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Flloyd McClung's book, "The Fatherheart of God", is no theological treatise, it's sharing a personal relationship Flloyd had come to know and practise. If then God has a Father heart that can be known here on earth, we have to pay attention also to the role of fathers in relation to their children. 


The Christian faith is no patriarchal, men-oriented faith, as some claim it to be. We shouldn't base arguments on casuistry, but on the core of the Gospel of Jesus Christ! So, we're called to have a ministry of reconcilation, repentance and healing.


The issue of abortion remains a political one in the US and other countries. A point often made, is that it's men who are most vociferous when it comes to anti-abortion stances -which may be true. So we'd do good to tackle a few male issues:


Pro-life campaigns should include a lot of information about the role of men. What kind of influence does the abscence of a father (and there should be one, except if he's dead!) have on the behaviour of his son? In many cases, the son is going to be a copy of his father, as far as his treatment of women is concerned. And on his daughter? Studies have shown that she may ripen earlier and be more vulnerable. The cycle goes on...  A girl or young mother may be prevented from having an abortion, while transmitting an unconscious feeling of rejection onto the child. Not to mention the father, who may find the newcomer a burden. There may be family quarrels. 


All these issues still do not make abortion a desirable option. Back street abortionists as well as professional ones keep on making money out of this misery. It remains a politicized issue. Having said this, however, God's word is coming to men, young and older fathers, to get to know God as perfect Father, in Jesus Christ, to be healed of own wounds, to see the image of God in themselves and in women.