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david chosen


Jesus Loves you and He Cares ! He is coming back very soon.We are living in the last days,End of the world. ♥

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Dear friend, Its been long time.Sorry. We are still faithfully serving God full time and heading ahead for the Lord and his kingdom. My family has moved abroad and still serving the |lebih

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davidchosen May 14, 2011

Dearest Friends, Thank you for all the prayer support.. our team moving ahead in India in spite of persecution and strong religious attacks on Christians. Our request to all the crosstv Friends and specially those who would like to support with finances towards preaching and teaching Lord Jesus and his kingdom ...in this generation of Lost.If you are willing, then please reply and Let us know. We need your help urgently. May the Lord Jesus bless you and your life bountifully here and in the Kingdom to come in Jesus Name Amen. Our needs" -Car which can take team of 10 people across the villages and cities -Computer such as Tablet P C ( For visual and teaching) _2 no - Bibles in English and local languages At least 300 Numbers a Month with soft covers - DVD and CD Blanks ( Atleast 200 Numbers a Month) -LCD Projector of Small Size People of the Lord....you can not take money to Heaven, But sure you can send it in blessings for eternity for Jesus and his word We are full time Missionaries working hard for Jesus. I hope you can pray and do as Jesus leads you to give... C'mon lets change the world..in Jesus Name....its a last chance..we have little time..Lets shine the light....in Jesus Name. Your support can give them HOPE and learn about Jesus and his Love...think..seriously