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A secret worth billions of dollars

Aug 28, 2014

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There's a little secret about the situation going on in the Middle East... If the world knew this, it would be a disaster...


There's a particular sovereign state which is receiving literally billions of dollars of donations for aid from western countries since 1994 until today. With the money received from the USA alone, the Europe's economy would have been reconstructed 25 times. But the money disappears. And the average citizen of this state is still living in abject poverty because the government is receiving all the money from the West and it's going into the pockets and bank accounts of the very elite top echelon within that leadership. For example, the president of this state earns a million dollars a month which is 30 times more than the salary of Barack Obama. His personal net worth is already upwards of $100 million because he's sitting at the top of the state with all these funds coming in from around the world.


Can you guess what state it is?