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We are happy to assist you with some tutorials to show you how cross.tv can be a blessing for you and others!

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First Steps

Sep 06, 2011

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In this tutorial we will show you the most important areas of your cross.tv account and what you can do there. 

1. MyHome

Let's begin with the areas on your "MyHome" page. This is the page you see directly after you log in. Here you can manage your content by choosing an item from the My Content menu (My Home, My Site, My Media, ...) on top directly below the main menu for the public pages. My Media contains several sub-categories like Photos, Videos, Audio Files, etc. and MySite is your personal site on cross.tv, the face of your cross.tv account which other members see. See section MySite below for more details. My Profile will bring you to a page where you can describe yourself and also adjust your Account and Privacy Settings.

On top of the left column you see your Notifications Center which shows you new contact invitations, private messages, prayer requests, new videos of your subscriptions, event invitations and cross.tv Tips. You can click on these any time to manage your contacts, messages, etc.

The next element in the left column is the "Add new..." Button which is the fastest way to add new Videos, Blog Posts, Galleries, Events, etc.

Below you see your list of Daily Prayers which consists of your Own Prayers and of the Prayers of other cross.tv members which you joined. Below each prayer you see a checkbox "prayed today", which you should click when you pray through your daily prayer list. Clicking on this will post a notification to the owners cross.board so he knows that he is supported by his friends.

The top box in the middle lets you Update your Status which is then be shown on your MySite and posted to all cross.boards of your contacts.

The box below, the "cross.board" is maybe the most important box on MyHome. It shows you all posts of your contacts, notifications, invitaitons, activities of your contacts, comments on your media etc. You can post and reply there to communicate directly with your contacts without leaving this page.

The boxes in the right column may be empty at the beginning but will fill quite fast with content of your contacts. You can open, close or move these boxes with the icons in their top right corners.


2. MySite

Choose MySite in the My Contect menu on top or from your "my cross.tv" menu on the very top right to go to your MySite. MySite is your personal site on cross.tv, the face of your cross.tv account which other members see.

In the beginning it may look empty but very soon it could look like this:

Your first activity could be to upload a profile image on the top left and update your status next to it.

The menu on the left and the boxes on the right will grow automatically with adding content like Photo Galleries, Videos, Blog Posts, Prayers, etc.

In the middle of your MySite you can design your own pages, add Texts and Images and integrate your uploaded Galleries or Videos.

On the top right you should see two buttons: "Invite Friends" and "Site Designer":

"Site Designer" allows you to design your own custom background and color scheme in an easy and playful way.

"Invite Friends" brings you to your Contacts Page where you find different ways to connect with your friends. Maybe the easiest is to use one of our Email-Provider (Gmail, AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail) checks where you can simply check, which of your contacts is already member on cross.tv and connect with them. The ones which are not member so far can be invited to cross.tv and will be automatically connected to your account as soon as they join. When you browse other members' sites you will find an "Invite as Contact" button on top right corner of their MySite.

Inviting and connecting with your Contacts and other cross.tv Members is maybe the most important activity after adding some content to your site. That way your cross.tv account will be filled with more and more life and blessings and you can be a blessing for other members at the same time.

So let's simply "share the glory"!