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Timothy Gott


Enjoying this community so far. I have this idea that it's a community where most of the people are really Christ-centric. That will make it a good place for me to share the Christ centered thoughts that I am having and to share my faith as well.

Doa Saya

I was asked during the latter half of August, to help manage a certain aspect of a birthday party that my family was having for my niece. A couple of my relatives told me that they wanted |lebih

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iklan Komunitas

Prayer that their eyes will be opened. Aug 17, 2012

Pray that the believers, especially those whose lives I touch, will come to understand (at least in part) the methods that the enemy is using. So many people put in so much effort to find fun and enjoyment in life. Problem is the things that they enjoy have nothing to do with the Lord and they believe there is such a thing as something innocuous, something that God is ok with them enjoying because it's not against him (though it's not specifically 'for' him). We can look at the lives all throughout the scriptures. There is not one believer (especially in the new testament) who ever enjoyed anything that wasn't specifically of God. ... Jesus even did a "kill joy" when the disciples were marveling at the beauty of the temple.