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7 Critical Reasons Why You Need a Website For Your Small Business

May 07, 2019

815 Ditonton
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Regardless of whether or not your business sells merchandise online, there is still an essential need for you to have a website. Even if your business deals with medical billing, you still need to have an online presence.

When people look for a particular product or service these days, a majority of them aren’t going to the traditional Yellow Pages to look up phone numbers and make phone calls. Instead, individuals are logging onto the internet to find where they can satisfy their purchasing desires. And if you don’t have a website, it puts you a huge disadvantage at capturing their possible business.

Keep reading as we explain seven critical reasons why you need a website for your small business.

7. Your Customers Expect It

Most of have been raised to know the importance of first impressions. We’ve come to realize that when we first meet someone, how we’re dressed, what we say, and what we do will shape how that person will view us going forward. That’s why we dress up for job interviews, pull out our best for first dates, and primp and prim when meeting a mate’s family and friends.

And if you will go to great lengths to make a great first impression on behalf of yourself, how could you not do the same for your business? In this day and age of technology and digital footprints, your small business needs a well put together website, because, for many potential customers, the website will serve as your first impression.

In the absence of a website, that speaks volumes to customers in terms of a first impression. It sends a message that you don’t value your business enough to make a digital calling card for your company. So, why should potential customers care enough to invest in your products and services?

6. Makes Your Business “Real”

Sad to say it, but when you’re a new small business and don’t have a website, you instantly invalidate the realness of your company. Most individuals want a website to strip away the mystery around your business in order to determine if your company is worth their time and money.

Think of it this way. An overwhelmingly large number of individuals will not want to go on a blind date or agree to date someone they’ve never seen a picture of before. Don’t be that unwanted blind date.

5. Helps Control Your Business’ Narrative

In the absence of a website, any could-be customers are forced to rely solely on customer reviews left on sites like Yelp and Facebook. Although good reviews on such sites will benefit your business by way of free advertisement, the few bad reviews and/or bad photos of your business that surface online will definitely take a swipe at your profit; especially, when you don’t have a website to combat any bad narratives.

4. Keeps You Competitive with Your Competitors

As unique as you think your business may be, the fact remains that there is probably at least one business in existence that does what you do. There’s also a fair chance that your competitors have an active website, as 64% of small businesses have a website. And you don’t want to be at a disadvantage pulling potential customers because you don’t have an online calling card like your rivals.

3. Makes Your Business Accessible 24/7

Since you’re human, there’s no feasible way for you to be awake 24/7. Additionally, most small businesses are not in the habit of offering a 24/7 service. Since that’s the case, your company needs a representation of the business that’s always available to clients regardless of who is up and available.

Say for example you own a screen printing business, and a customer is surfing the web late at night for local screen printers who can fulfill a job. If you have a physical website with pictures of your work and contact information (preferably an email), then that customer has readily available access to contact you about the job if he/she admires the display of work.

Again, if you don’t have the website, you can be confident that the customer will move on to your competition.

2.Gives Your Staff a Resource

Having a website makes it easier for your staff as well. Employees love being able to refer potential customers to a central website to answer frequently asked questions. And better yet, employees will appreciate the phone calls and emails they won’t get because people will have their questions answered on your website.

1. Gives You a Platform to Show What You Do and Sell

Shoppers don’t want to waste their money on something new if they don’t have an expectation of what something new looks and feels like. Having a website gives you the opportunity to show what you do and/or sell, and gives customers visuals and descriptions of what they can expect.

So if you’re a small bakery, having a website with pictures of the cakes you sell will definitely benefit your business.

Still Not Sure Why You Need a Website?

If you still aren’t convinced why you need a website, then perhaps you should ask yourself one question. Am I not convinced of the need, or am I just not sure how to obtain a sleek and functional website in an efficient and cost-effective way?

Should you not know the ins and outs of developing a website, don’t worry. There are great resources available that can give you the tools and details on developing the perfect website for your small business.

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