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How Can I Write an Assignment?

Jun 10, 2020

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We at My Assignment Help Au understand the technicality involved in the preparation of strong academic assignments, especially when high grades are at stake. Therefore, our experts have developed this guide for you to figure out effective ways to make the process more convenient, well-defined, fruitful, and less time-consuming. 


1. The significance of forming a framework for the assignments

It is important to have a plan in hand prior to developing an effective essay for your program or school. This plan is generally referred to as an outline or framework. 


An ideal essay should be of approximately five paragraphs. With the progression of ideas, it becomes difficult for the students to stay on track with the main thesis and chief ideas of the assignment. Continuous switching between the paragraphs makes it complicated to maintain the logical flow of the assignment. Therefore, it is important to form an appropriate framework to 

  • Decrease the time spent in writing.
  • Assistance in arranging ideas sensibly.
  • Provides an opportunity to carry out in-depth research on the topic.
  • Dividing word count as per the paragraphs to make it convenient to read and look appealing to the readers.

2.  The fundamental structure of writing a strong assignment

Introduction: The initial paragraph of an assignment should present a clear thesis statement with a brief summary of the selected topic. It is written to shed adequate light on the significance of the chosen assignment topic. It is mandatory to avoid including lengthy introductions therefore, write only one paragraph with no more than 5 sentences

Writing an engaging body:  It is suggested to not overload your assignment with a clutter of ideas. Adding irrelevant details can lead to the consumption of more money, utilization of more time, and the need for writer to access more sources. It is ideal to write only three to five paragraphs in the assignment body, each highlighting a separate thought.

A banging conclusion: Conclusion tends to make or break the feel of your academic assignment. It is your opportunity to impress your readers. Writing a strong conclusion with relevant remarks and the future scope of the topic makes the readers feel that their time was spent well in reading your assignment. 


Factors to keep in mind while writing strong academic assignments

  • Word Limit: Do not overwrite. Always keep in consideration the allotted word count given in the instructions of your assignment. This will help you to include all the mentioned requirements effortlessly.
  • Maintain continuity in the ideas presented: Make sure that the different ideas presented in diverse sections of your assignment are linked accurately. This will help in maintaining a flow of continuity within the write-up and helps the readers to understand the document easily.
  • Always add examples to state your argument: Examples help the readers to visualize your text more conveniently. Therefore, relevant details like stats, figures, tables, charts, etc, should be added in an assignment to back up your main claim in the assignment.
  • Use the neutral, third-person voice: Always develop your assignment in the neutral third-person voice as it helps in focusing on outcomes gathered from opinions and evidence from primary and secondary sources.