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Webinar Software And Its Uses

Nov 28, 2020

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Online software like webinar software has greatly contributed to the growth of the world economies. Very people and companies around the world have embraced the use of this software. This is because it has facilitated online communication among people around the globe. It has eased management of businesses and other activities like advocacy works. People are able to trade their products and services worldwide which have made their businesses thrive.

Webinar software can best be described as an application that enables one to do video conferencing and any other webinar activity at once and in one place. Webinar platforms have greatly changed the way in which people use of technology. It has therefore created a shift in the way technology and internet use is valued.

This article seeks to discuss the value of webinars and why people should adopt using them. The uses of webinars and how they are beneficial are as discussed below:

  1. Educative

Following the outbreak of the Covid19 pandemic, many schools had to close and school terms were greatly affected. Webinar platforms have since proven to be of great help to the students as lessons are now held virtually. Using the webinar tools like the whiteboard and screen sharing, these have created an interactive environment for students. The teachers have used these tools to provide illustrations and drawing using drawing tools of the whiteboard. These have provided a convenient virtual lecture room to both students and teachers

They say that learning never stops. Using the webinar platforms advocacy groups have setup educative sessions for their audiences.

Businesses also use tutorials to teach their audiences or clients on how to use their product.

  1. Marketing and sales

Business owners have embraced the changing times by taking their businesses online. They have used online webinar tools like the screen sharing feature to pitch their products to clients. This has been used as a marketing tool. It is through the webinars that they have interacted with their clients via polls, surveys and Q&As. From these, businesses have learned how to improve their product quality and audience tastes and preferences.

It has also helped businesses sell their brands to a wider audience than before. This has increased business sales and profits. It has also encouraged interpersonal relationships. The business owner hosting the meeting is able to get the client’s information like the email address upon signing in. Webinar platforms have helped businesses grow their clientele by attracting new customers.


Many organizations have adopted the use of webinar platforms to train their staff members. These organizations used the opportunities to train staff more about the business and how it is run. They have also used these sessions to motivate their employees. In order to provide a successful training session over webinar, the content quality must be good. This should be engaging and interactive for the employees. It needn’t be harsh and rude towards them because your goal is to motivate them.

The organization can also use different presenters that are experts in the field of business. The presenters should be able to rely to the employees the necessary information.

During the sessions, the employer is encouraged to permit employee participation. This can be done through the Q&A sessions where they can freely make some queries or even suggestions to their employer.


There are very many ways one can use different webinar platforms. These uses serve as an example to all people willing to try webinars for their organizations.