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Which Four-Wheeler Should You Buy - Side by Side Or ATV?

May 25, 2020

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Single Cylinder Four Wheel Atv 650cc 4 - Stroke Four Valve Side By ...

Insolvency arises when the company suffers from an acute financial crisis. The company does various measures to prevent reaching this stage but when everything fails, the declaration of being insolvent is the final resort. If your company is going to become insolvent, there are some of the things that would need to know and prepare for in advance. 

How will the director know that his company in a monetary crisis?

Here are a few signs that will indicate if your company is going through financial difficulty, 

  • Ongoing losses

  • incomplete monetary records

  • poor cash flow

  • increasing debt

  • issue of post-dated cheques

  • poorly organized internal accounting procedures

  • issues while getting finances

  • changes of the lender, and bank

  • inability to increase funds from shareholders

  • an increasing number of complaints, or queries from the suppliers

  • payments to creditors that are not reconcilable to specific types of invoices

  • cheques are getting dishonored 

  • post-dated cheques are issued

  • problems experienced while selling stocks or in the collection of debts

  • reaching of the overdraft limit

  • warrants, and summons issued against the company

  • suppliers are only approving the transaction on cash on delivery terms

The Insolvency Experts is a leading firm based in Australia that offers easy and quick, and affordable advice 24*7 on company liquidation to its clients. 

What does a director need to do when he finds that the company has become insolvent?

A director has to ensure agreement to the general as well as specific laws that apply to the operations of your company and its duty towards the shareholders. It is also required to include creditors that include employees with outstanding entitlements. 

General duties

  • Exercise powers and duties for a purpose. It should be in the best interests of the firm.

  • Ensure that you are properly informed about the monetary position of the company. This ensures that the company should not perform any trading activity if it becomes insolvent.

  • Not to improperly use the information to gain an advantage for either yourself or for anybody else to cause any harm to the company

  • The company must keep all the financial records, and books properly updated.

What is the job of the director in helping external administrator?

If a company fails to adhere to its responsibilities, then external admin can refer the matter to the ASIC. The director of the company is responsible to support the receivers or the external administrators by following ways:

  • Advising the external admin or receiver about the location of the firm and delivering any property that they have been possessing (at the moment) to them

  • tell them about the whereabouts of the financial records

  • provide them a written report stating the property, business, financial circumstances, and company’s business to them

  • provide the company’s records, and books to the external administrator

  • meeting with them or reporting them with the inquiries as needed


Several things are involved when a company declares itself as insolvent. Being the director of the company, it is important to learn about the duties, and responsibilities that you need to undertake when your company becomes insolvent.