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How to Prepare for Hazard Perception Test - Know the Essential Tips

Jul 28, 2020

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Getting P1 license is very difficult, passing theory test is only half the way to reach the goal. To get your license, you have to take HPT (hazard perception test) after theory test. In case, you have completed logbook hours and on learners permit from a long time, then this article is for you.

If you want to pass HPT on first attempt, then you must consider taking best driving lessons Canberra, Australia from the best driving school like Pass First Go. They provide different type of driving lessons with expert instructors, at affordable price.

In this article, you can know about HPT, its working, importance of staying alert and what you have to do when you encounter hazards. This information will help you in getting through your test without stress.

About HPT

It is the computerized test in which touch screen is used to measure the skills of learner driver. To take this test, you don’t require any particular computer abilities. In this test you have to watch a video, react to the situation and need to identify dangerous scenarios in a specified time.

Information about speed, indicator usage and others will be available on screen and you have to convey driving intentions by watching each video. This test is completely based on timing and perception and there is no need to control the vehicle during test.

Tips to pass HPT

Take lessons from a professional driving instructor - Instructors are the main source to learn about identifying and responding to hazards on road. A professional instructor will help you in learning each topic related to driving more efficiently than friends or parents.

A professional instructor helps learner drivers in developing their skills like situational awareness and hazard perception. With this, you can become safe driver overtime.

Know what you can expect - Before taking a HPT, practice first. There are a lot of online practice tests, you can take few of them to improve your driving skills and time managing ability.

Prioritize hazards - Reacting to a situation is a natural instinct. Sometimes not doing anything is the best thing because your reaction can make new hazards. By taking driving lessons from a professional instructor, you can learn the key skills needed to identify potential hazards and prioritizing them.

For instance, you are driving a car and suddenly an animal run out of you, then how will you react to it and estimate the danger level by it. In such cases, you have to respond safely and reasonably.

Few examples of rising hazards

  • Pull over your vehicle to a side for emergency vehicles like ambulance, police car and other vehicles with sirens or flashing lights.
  • Children are the vulnerable users of road. They may come onto the road suddenly, so you have to adjust the speed accordingly.
  • Roadworks is also a hazard, adjust the speed on uneven surfaces and in damaged areas.

Watch the videos related to hazard perception test and practice well before taking the test. Gather information about the driving schools that provide good guidance and support to practice for HPT, choose the best one and visit today to become a licensed driver.