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Important Marketing Strategies to Develop Thought Leadership

Jul 31, 2020

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Facebook marketing has implemented several changes in its algorithm due to which it is no longer a traffic-generating machine. Continuous changes in its algorithm have resulted in a reduction in reach for Facebook business webpages. However, Facebook Marketing still has the potential for effective thought leadership and impact building strategy.

Here, in this article, we will look at key Facebook Marketing strategies that you can use to maximize social media reach as well as create engagement among customers.

Share thought leadership on your personal Facebook page

Your Facebook page serves as an excellent platform for shaping the perception of your audience about thought leadership brand. Decide a storyline that you wish to tell your users.

Make sure that you explain the story interestingly and temptingly. It has to be authentic. Have a clear direction in your mind. Select a mix of personal and professional topics.

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Map Your Areas of Interests to the Thought Leadership Focus

Depending on the area of your interest, you should begin writing about technologies, tools, and other pertinent industry trends. Discuss methods to expand your business with the help of tools.

Also, use this platform to share your experiments, including success and failures. You can also discuss meeting influential people from the field of the latest marketing technologies and review their new software.

Organize Your Page Content

Now the next thing that you need to note is to plan the list of topics that you would like to share. It can be in the form of posts, quotes, images, and events.

Create the right mix of professional and personal posts, and stay organized and consistent throughout posting the content. You can find a lot of tools to manage your social media calendar. Integrate your social media procedure with your Facebook marketing.

Be consistent in posting

It is very important to be regular in posting your blog posts on social media. When your audience sees your posts regularly, they perceive you as a serious business. Also, they start to recognize you and your brand. Your brand image registers in their mind.

So, consistency is more important than frequency. You can decide on a blog posting frequency that you can maintain easily for a long time. Several apps let you schedule your posts so that on a pre-determined day, your posts will get posted on your Facebook page.

Use the Livestreaming feature on Facebook

Livestreaming is a new concept on Facebook that can help create more engagement among users. Posting your videos on Facebook is a remarkable option to build a personal brand. Facebook Livestream serves as an effective option for advertisers and thought leaders. It enables them to broadcast two people simultaneously.


The Facebook business page is constantly decreasing but it is not going to eliminate from the list of effective marketing strategies. The simple Facebook thought leadership strategies mentioned above will help you increase your online influence and reach.