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Why Should You Prefer to Install Slate Roofing for Your Home?

Jun 12, 2020

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Among the many other kinds of roofing materials available in the market, slate will Often homeowners may have many questions while choosing the right material for their roof. Among the various material available in the market, slate is the most unique type of roofing material that has often been overlooked.

The main reason for this is lack of proper awareness about the value and capabilities of slate roofs. Before you consider slate roofing Sydney, you must make sure that all your concerns and questions are properly answered by a professional roofing contractor. 

Slate roofing is of very high-quality as well as long-lasting roofing material available and following are also few of the reasons why slate can be a great choice as roofing material.

1. Long lasting

If you can maintain slate roofing in a proper manner then you will find that slate roofing will last for at least 3 generations and you will not be required to worry about changing your roofing very frequently. It will be able to bear all types of climate and protect your home

2. Natural material


Slate is not made in any industry by using any chemical process, but it is formed after many years of deposition of natural material, which is formed in certain geographical locations.

Therefore, by installing slate roofing, you can offer a natural look to your property.

3.Quality product

Any slate material obtained from the right source will surely have very good quality. he reputation of slate has been dented due to import of poor quality of slate material from China very recently. Therefore,never go for cheaper material while buying slate roofing material.


4.Reliable material

Among the many other kinds of roofing materials available in the market, slate will be much more  reliable as it can withstand any kind of weather  conditions and fire too.

5.Aesthetically pleasing

While using slate, you will get plenty of options of customising your roof not only in size, but also in colour. All slates are not grey,but actually they may come in many range of colours, right from gentle green to deep purple.

Whether  you like to blend your roof with the colour of your neighbouring area or if you want to make a statement by using more striking hue, your slate tiles can be the ideal material that can offer you desired aesthetic and elegant finish.

6. Fire resistant

salte material is highly fire resistant and can withstand higher temperature as compared to even any metal roofing can. it will be a great choice to endure severe emperature changes.

Therefore , it will make an ideal choice for all roofs and floors.Also, for kitchen, it can be a great choice because of its resistance to heatburing.

7. Environment friendly

Among the waste that every year is sent to landfill, roofing material is of substantial part. Asphalt shingle roofing, will need replacement after every 20 years.


So, you can reduce waste substantially if you choose slate because of its greater life-span. Therefore, choosing slate can be environment friendly solution.

8. Increase resale price of your home

By installing the slate roofing, the resale price of your home will immediately be increased.