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Top 10 Educational TV Shows for Students in the UK

Jul 18, 2019

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Over the years, TV has been a bone of contention on the benefits it offers to children. Some parents consider it as a form of relaxation and educational platform that benefits students. The TV has amazing educational TV shows that students can watch and learn from. Some of these shows include:

1) World War II in Color

This show has been dubbed as one of the best educational TV shows on World War II. It gives a narration of the things that transpired during that time. The series uses both the actual footage and colored footage, making it more enjoyable. The events from Japan’s attack to the atomic bombs attacks are well narrated, making it intriguing and easy to remember.

2) The Big Painting Challenge

This is a show for art lovers. This captivating show follows the artistic paintwork of a specific individual on each episode. The craft and creativity of these individuals can be a sturdy source of inspiration for your art classes.

3) Pride and Prejudice

This adaptation from Jane Austen’s novel under the same title is a great inspiration when it comes to creativity and story development. The show utilizes styles of writing, emotions, and real-life experiences, something most students can relate to when it comes to their writing.

However, many students might find it hard to develop such a piece despite watching the show creatively. A written sample of the same can guide you on how to go about it, and you can view it at Writix for better understanding.

4) Glee

This musical show creatively follows the life of aspiring musicians and any student looking to do the same must watch it. It depicts the challenges and achievements that make up the music career journey. Having this in mind as an upcoming artist helps you prepare and make informed decisions as you progress.

5) Nat Geo shows

The shows that focus mostly on wild animals can be ideal for all students undertaking sciences. The variety of shows makes it easy to get at least one or several shows that you can relate to. The shows are also based on different geographic locations making a fantastic learning platform.

6) Murder Detectives

Solving mysterious crimes can be tough to crack, but this show makes it easier for all looking engage in the same. The show recreates crime scenes, reviews the evidence provided, and even investigates further to ensure they capture perpetrators. This crime teaches how to do much more as there might be a lot more if you get to scratch the surface.

7) Casualty

The show reveals activities that take place in an accident and emergency department of Holby hospital. It gives a bigger picture of accidents and injuries that are reported on a day-to-day basis in hospitals. It also shows expectations and possibilities from the doctors and patients.

8) Time Team

Digging up the past does not just happen in our minds; it also takes place on the earth’s surface. This show follows archeological activities that take place around the world. The show features expert anthropologists in different archeological tasks each time.

9) The Apprentice UK

This show shares insights on how to start and run a business and is one of the top educational TV shows for college students. Additional advice from the bosses also comes in handy.

10) Code

The series aim is to expand an individual’s knowledge of basic math principles. It solves mysteries using hidden clues from different branches of mathematics. It also goes ahead to explain the natural world using math.


TV shows can no longer be considered as a bad influence on all viewers since they also have a positive impact. They have led to the < span style="text-decoration: underline;">development of skills, talents, ideas, and interests among students. However, it can also be a source of negative influence and should be watched with moderation.