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Jasmine Bushell|United States

There is Nothing like his love, I love him more than Life! Praise Dios Mio

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Father God in the name of Jesus Lord we thank you for being our Father, for being the author and finisher of our faith, the beginning, and the end, creator, and master of the universe. |lebih

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What do you think LIfe is? A Cycle A Game Nothing? do you just think that what happens in life happens and thats lifes purpose for you? Some of Us is caught up in the game and thinkin we playin it but your not....Everything in this life has a purpose and its in a specific time frame for that purpose to be accomplished but us not knowing and understanding that or not even caring we go around running and chasing after things in vain when its not even our time and all were really doing is chasing after wind....When will we wake WAKE UP WAKE UP....people get a grip Man I love all yall and it saddens me yall can't see the truth the light Like the Father says awake you who sleep awake from the dead and He will give you light...Stop chasing after things that won't chase you back, stop loving people that won't love you back and if they do can't love you the way God can, stop trying to pursue things that you know your not ready for we may think so in our niave state of minds but when were out there were wishing to come back were vain, were empty LOVE? LOVE? LOVE? you don't know what love is...Know Why? If you did you would know that God the Father sent his only son whom he didn't have to send to save your but one that he loved so deeply Christ came so you could have life REAL life, he was slain, beaten, bruised for our transgressions, our sins...and you know what else he shows you so much mercy and makes grace sufficent for you by LETTING you live each day he does not have to do it , and he keeps on forgiving you and letting you live EVERY SINGLE SOLITARY day that when your constantly rejecting, forsaking, and turning your back on him daily, it like your crucifying him all over again as if all that he has done was in vain for nothing...all the while he is filled with compassion still reaching for you to embrace you and help you and love you though you don't wanna acknowledge him...WHY WHY WHY...can't NOBODY OR NOTHING SATISFY OR LOVE YOU THE WAY CHRIST DOES OUR CAN...like they say WAKE UP and smell the coffee...cuz reality is right outside your door but your blinded to the truth..why don't you just put down all the crap your trying to do because your wasting your time theres going to be a day that you wake and realize either that you have accomplished nothing even though it seems like it or all that you have accomplished you realize was for nothing...Will You Not Listen Will You Not Go to Him, Will You Keep Turning Your Back On HIm??????????? The Enemy is out to Get You YES He is real no lie he is out to steal and kill and destroy you , You Your Personality, Your Character, Your Charimsa, Your POtential, The Thing thats inside you thats yearning for the Lord the thing thats hungry and desperate for the Lord The Devil is trying so Hard to TAKE IT, CRUSH IT AND SNUFF IT OUT....he doesn't want you to get to God he does not want you to know you have tru purpose and destiny in God, he does not want you to follow CHrist to Love Him to Praise HIm To Worship Him to Trust Him, to Cry out for him to be thirsty for Gods RIGHTEOSNESS...The Enemy is selfish and you know where he wants you????....HELL...rIGHT WITH him because that is the Fate of the Devil that is his destiny he has already been condemned he knows where hes going and he wants to take you with him ....THATS TRUTH....If you feel like your missing something you are and it needs to be filled BUT can only be filled with God andhim only nothing and no one I say again can fill it understand that comprehend...So in conclusion know that God loves you and has come to give you a hope and a future stop what your doing...PICK UP YOUR CROSS AND FOLLOW JESUS.

One Day I lost you, disappeared in thin Air, I went searching for you but could not find you anywhere
Oh the grief you have caused I nearly pulled out my Hair, I looked up, down all around but nowhere
Why Can't I find you why won't you come, why do you teary, Oh this is Scary
I feel lost Now, I’m incomplete, my mind is weary, my flesh is weak, what’s all this confusion, God said I’m victorious but Why am I losing...?Lord I gave you my heart, I gave You my mind, I have been trying to live right...why hasn't he come, why isn't he not here yet, did he forget I bet...no that’s not right its in your will, but still.....I am fearful Lord, I feel Lost, I'm confused Lord I'll do it all at all cost Please Let me Find Him Please let me Hear Please take away all this fear you have not given me the spirit of fear but of peace and a Sound Mind....sometimes I Feel Alone like left Behind like I don't know me I know not my own Mind...Its been a while now and he is still Lost I’ve done all that I could do at all cost When in the middle of it all I lost Me....I lost ME!...........Why are you sad my child why do you weep, I said it will never teary and my word I keep you had become unfaithful to it but I stayed Faithful you have lost some hope when I said hope against hope, You have became confused when I have given you wisdom you have turned your back on him when he reaches to embrace you.. so much credibility you give to others where was his credibility he is your gift not like another but you have lost him you left him the dark when he has been with you right from the very start....Really Lord Really why could I not see what I had been looking for was right in front of me you were never lost you never forsaken me WOW this seems impossible could it really be why did I not have faith in you why could I not see I turned my back on you O boy was I the Fool I think I can see clearer now more better than before I'll never leave nor lose you anymore! Lord thank you for you rhema Word speaking to me the truth I will trust you more and I don't need any proof, I’m sorry that I could not see before sorry that I did not listen That you sent your Holy Spirit he who Gave me it that thing that makes me Me that not all have what you gave me to fulfill your purpose and advance your Kingdom........My Gift!

The Year of Momentum
My Pastor ushered in to what the new series for the year 2009 would be that the Lord have him and it will be the Year of Momentum. The Year that God would honor and Bless the Faithful, that we would accelerate and I receive it in Jesus Name. He also said that God would honor and bless our Faith and that this would a year of the supernatural and that God will be doing just some awesome things in our lives that we can't even imagine, so I say to everyone lets begin this year with a new level of Faith, and Faithfulness in our walks with God and let go of ourselves and let God have his way. Lets us press forward toward the goal which god has called us heaven bound and let us lay aside all weights and seek GOD. This is a year of Dreams, purpose, and Visions so let us "Seek Ye first his kingdom and all his righteousness and everything else will be added unto us.
In Jesus Name

There is a time for everything

In Gods time frame there is something that you are supposed to learn and accomplish its not just about being saved and evenjust living right its "Whats Gods will today?" In Ecc 3 in clear depth one can see that in EVERYTHING god has a purpose to be accomplished even in teh smallest things but mainly its what God has for us to accomplish rather than what we want God to do in our lives and think that thats most important to understand.
Ephesians 5:15-19 NLT "Be careful how you live your life, don't live ike a fool but as those who are wise making the most of every opportunity being filled with the Holy Spirit. Is always Good for us to examine ourselves in the Lord and be wise since god does give us wisdom espcially in these perilous times being constantly filled with the Holy Spirit through praise, worship, and prayer let us not waste our time doing foolish, fivirlish, and false things but let us seek god to know his will for our lives and what we should be doing. . I say this alot also the the youth because Im also youth the ages of young young to an adult of 25 this is important I believe even for us, at times we may become confused like I have at times but a word of the lord we don't need to be confused because god is not the author of confusion and have given uis a sound mind and wisdom all we need to be doing is seeking God and praising him for the answers!
So as I do also let us all just seek god, love god and let it show through our lifestyles, and lets not give up on god because he has not given up on us
In Jesus Name

Hey I got a word for ALL believers was there ever a time when god wanted you to witness or encourage someone or call someone or talk to someone and you knew it and you didn't do it? Was it because of fear or that you didn't have the heart to care what was it? Ill say this believers just like paul had fear and didn't know what he would say to non believers he realized it wasn't about him but about GOD and it didn't matter because he knew he had GOD and his holyspirit he just wanted to do GODs will so I say though we may be fearful and not know what to say don't brush it away and make those exccuses because we may not have nothing to say but......God always has something to say....lets pray to god and ask him for a heart to have compassion and loves others God says in the Bible that the greatest of all are those that serve who are more concern about others lives and care and want to help than themselves that always are looking to serve GOD says those people are the Greatest...its not about us yall So let GOD speak please...

You Know the Lord is really mindful of us guys just like he says in his word in psalm 115 he knows our hearts because he constructed it and out minds because he made us and he answers our prayers and cares for us because we are his children. Yesterday in the middle of the night I said to God Lord is there a difference between fearing you and trusting you? Today I got my answer yes, we can fear all day long we can worship him, and live uprightly but that does not mean that we trust him that we rely on him with our lives and Trust is something that God demands I believe...how can we say that we love and serve god if we don't trust him where is our hope and destiny that we are expecting to come to pass in our lives if we don't trust God,,but understand that trusting God is something that we grow in and it is a purpose for our lives there is a scripture in psalms or isiah that I can't quite remember but i will that says that God chose us so that we can love and TRUST him and for him to get to know us so it must be a purpose for our lives right? YES Trust Thou in the lord for he is our help and our shield he us mindful of us, he will bless the house of israel more and more, he will increase us more and more...Psalms 115 the lord is mindful of us guys so lets ALL trust him wholeheartly not swerving from the left to the right but having a steadfast heart because god is All truth our Father the man with the plan Alpha and Omega beginning and the end author and finisher of everything God of the Universe....Writer of our lives before our lives even begin....

"The Question Is......"1 Timothy 4:12-16

12 Don’t let anyone think less of you because you are young. Be an example to all believers in what you say, in the way you live, in your love, your faith, and your purity.

13 Until I get there, focus on reading the Scriptures to the church, encouraging the believers, and teaching them.

14 Do not neglect the spiritual gift you received through the prophecy spoken over you when the elders of the church laid their hands on you. 15 Give your complete attention to these matters. Throw yourself into your tasks so that everyone will see your progress. 16 Keep a close watch on how you live and on your teaching. Stay true to what is right for the sake of your own salvation and the salvation of those who hear you.

I bet that as a child growing up your parents always wanted the best life for you, that they always told you "Your going to grow up and be something," that "your going to go to college, get your education and be something BIG, and that you would wait and start a family, and make a difference in this world, make me proud." Or words similiar to that but its known that as you get older and mature we all make wrong decisions, decisions that we sometimes regret, or we are not living big like we always thought that we would, maybe some of our lives have turned out okay, but for everyone that is not always so. whether we are young or old somewhere in our lives we have that feeling of emptiness, loneliness like we are missing something, wanting something so much more, and we can't find satisfaction in the world, or our lives. That is whats called a GOD shaped hole that ONLY god can fill, see god came so that we could have life and have it abundantly, he came to give us life, real life, to bless us not to harm us. He Loves you whether you choose to believe it or not, he has been looking after you, guiding you since your were a child "Yet you say to me,‘Father, you have been my guide since my youth." (Jer 3:4) and it doesn't matter where we are or get in life as youth, Ecc 12:1 Don’t let the excitement of youth cause you to forget your Creator. Honor him in your youth before you grow old and say, “Life is not pleasant anymore" God has so much for, a destiny for you to reach, things for you to accomplish, things that heve been predestined for you before you were born, but the question is do you want what GOD has for?

Youth we have the Power to Change the Word through Gods Power and him working through your lives....

What is it about them their charm, their good looks, their personality, their intelligence, their unique characteristics, their swagg, their style, maybe its their game??? One thing that all these things I just described is that these are all temporary things, things that don't last, things that can change, things that can be found false in a person.
Question how Could we possibly utter the words "I love You" and not know what real love is, how can we utter those words and not understand who we REALLY are?.....

If we knew what love is we would understand Gods Love and sacrifice for us, and all that he gave, all that he gives, and will continue to give when we trust him, but yet we pretend that we don't understand what he came on the earth to do, how because we reject him, we disobey him, we do not follow in his ways, we have a doublemind thinking that we can have one foot in the world and one foot out...how is that how can that be, that confuses me so....

If we knew who we are we as young ladies, as women we would understand that it is not the man who completes us, who fill us, who makes us whole, but that it is God, yes God has created a specific person for us all to be with but we are to first understand who we are in God above all other things, because its then that we understand that that its then we are able to Love another, really love MATURELY...not with our emotions, not with our heart, not with our words, not with out brains which are things of the FLESH God did not create us nor ordain us to be in a relationship or marriage and completely lose ourselves, lose control because we are running on fuel of emotions when we think that we love someone or in love with someone do you know how dangerous that is loving someone with emotions is reasons why a woman would go back to someone who beats them and verbally and physically abuses them, why one looks for love in the wrong places, loving on emotions you don't how to love or what love is so you express love in ways for which it is not purposed for a young lady can be so wrapped up in the thought that "man I love this dude, I'm feeling him, hes cool, deceit, and I love him" its in words like that that some girls settle for less when they do not even know it, that they give away their treasure when its suppose to be kept sacred, and they give away something that's not supposed to be given away until it has been fixed and cleansed...Your HEART.

When we love God, God does not want us to love him with emotions in fact he wants us to really die to it because its of the flesh it gets in the way of true worship, and love, God wants us to love through action and trust, its character based, its really knowing a person its like a entrepreneur starting a business and invests in that business knowing the risk but willing to take it, willing to trust and the results are a harvest, so If God does not want us to love him with emotions but with trust do you really believe he wants you to TRY and love someone else with emotions also, if so your are deceiving your self.

You don't love with emotions or words or anything else or way you may be thinking love is truth, love loves through bad and good, thick and think, up's and down, love is willing to work through anything, love is not running out and away when problems occur, love is not willing to give up when things get tough like 1 Cor 13 says love conquers all, love does not envy, love hope, love is not proud love rejoices in truth, read it there's more to love than one would think

All I'm saying is lets not be so quick to give our hearts, our treasure to someone that we think we love, that we think completes us even when the stake may be too high because we get hurt, or dogged out sometimes and all we thought was there really wasn't or really all along is not, but some guys are only looking for one thing sex point blank it does not matter how fine we think we are or how wrapped up we may think we have some dudes boy still look for one thing some boys are not so upfront with it, while some will charm you, and pamper you but will be looking for THAT after a while......we know as woman we operate on emotions but we cannot let that run our lives thats dangerous!!! If we feel that we are missing something that we find in a guy go to God for those things let him deal and help, and deilver you in those things

If you don't get anything out of all I said just don't be so quick to jump into a relationship and willing to jump out of one when you think well were done it doesn't work that way that's outside the will of God no where does it say in the bible about numerous numerous numbers of boyfriends, it does say "He that findeth a wife finds a good thing" not her who finds a man finds a good thing we trust God for the He right? lol yes!!! Boys are not Going ANYWHERE! there is a time for everything ECC:3 even for dating which is at a mature age and we have a more understanding of who we are and what we want and what we are looking for know that God does have so much for you, even a husband...question is will you trust him to send that man in your life...but when he knows your ready?

Fight the Good Fight of Faith

Im saying this to all believers all certified believers, and I am saying this to everyone that does not know the Lord also.....The devil is trying to do ALL that he can to destroy you, destroy your destiny, destroy your life, destroy your potential, and just completely run you into the ground until there is nothing left but dust....Have you ever looked at someones life or someone you knew watch their lives turn into shables how they were once one person and suddenly without warning changed and they were not the same person? Thats what the enemy does he ATTACKS your life in many areas, areas where you have weaknesses, areas where you are most vulnerable, areas where your can be easily manipulated, areas where it can hurt you deeply like your family, or friends, areas where no one knows about but you, areas where you feel unwanted, unloved, hurt depressed what ever the case he take those things and turns them upside down bringing you to pieces. The devil throws darts, offenses, tumbleweeds, blockades, arrows all sorts of things, but thats not even the half of it he throws things your way, and tries to destroy but he also throws in deceit where you THINK that what you have been doing is ok, or right that the way you have been thinking is ok, that even what you have been going through, and experiencing is normal and that its ok for you to feel this way and go through this.....Friends family this is a LIE teh enemy wants to snuff out your life in all ways possible and he will not let up, he will not play fair, he will do all he can to give you a bad report and make you feel insignificant, insecure, worried, and that your not a child of God first understand that God forgives ALL THINGS and he loves you and you can turn to him you can rely on him first and formost not anyone else will do you like God or like God can The enemy especially targets us young people as well because he know the potential that we have he uses music, sex, drugs, boys, girls, offenses, overwhelm overloads from school, family problems, jobs, friends to trap and confuse us and get in our way where we cannot see cleary. We have to make a serious decision in are we going to live for God or not we cannot be one foot in the world and one foot with God God says no other gods before me and Joshua says chose this day whom you will serve, God or Man? We have to stop the enemy in his tracks we cannot keep thinking that what we are doing is OK and dandy "oh nothing is going on between us im focused" or "I know I won't" we cannot be niave the devil has no power in our lives only if we allow him to how can a strong man be bound and tied up and his goods stolen if firs the did not let in the thief? If we let the enemy have way in our life then we are accepting that fate that path BUT we do not have too I know this letter is long an strung out but im tired of hearing bad reports of my brother and sisters in christs family and friends because they let the enemy have a food in their lives and has allowed that veil to cover their eyes again, and Im not just beating this across everyone elses head but mine as well Im still human Im not perfect im still a teenager I have temptations they come all the time and Im a believer but I chose not to participate in what the enemy trying to do, and I will do all that I can to get the iniquity out of my life and rely on Gods spirit to help me and know that you can to. Stay encouraged keep the Faith, have hope, and FIGHT THR GOOD FIGHT OF FAITH! in Jesus Name

Sometimes it can hurt badly and be a disappointment when one realizes that when we stake our lives, our hope, our trust, even our futures in things of this world and people of this world and it falls through, and we are lift with nothing. So we thought that everything would work out the way that we thought or how we imagined how it should be but thats not how life works, there is always so much going on in the world, in our own lives but we all know that there are those times where we are alone, quiet, still wondering could there be more to life than this, is there a God, where is my life going to be years from now, is this all that I want, is there a purpose for my life, what is it. Sometimes we give to much credibility to others, to ourselves then the next thing we know we feel overwhelmed, were stressed, were confused, its just so much crap in our lives, then people let us down, our expectations drop which just adds to the mess, I can find myself getting like that sometimes and let me tell you it is not a good feeling in fact it is an attack from the enemy we don't have to feel the way we may feel, or even deal with things on our own, why because we have God. It says in Psalm 40:31 that when we seek and wait on the lord he renews our strength and we soar like eagles wings meaning that when we seek God and wait on him he renews our strength where we are able to have been and strength to face and get through lifes challenges and difficulties but not alone and not on our own fuel its gods, and it also says in psalms 115:9-18 "Trust thou in the lord for he is your help and your shield, he has been mindful of us and he will empower us more and more yall in God we find that security we have been looking for and that purpose in our lives, its where we are not alone we have help we have protection I don't know about yall but thats what i needed to hear that God has my back and he always has and always will and that he never leaves me and that im never alone no matter how overwhelming school, school work, work, family, or friends may get we can do all things through christ who strengthenes us phil 4:9 and all things are possible to those who believe mathew 19:26 "NOT BY MY POWER NOT BY MY MIGHT BUT BY GODS SPIRIT WE CAN SUCEED IN JESUS NAME! BE BLESSED YALL.


Hi, my name is Linda For this video, I'm very ashamed, look here http://v.ht/i18ixx

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