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Top Volunteer Opportunities for Leaders

Dec 12, 2019

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If you want to become a good leader, you need to look for opportunities to improve your leadership styles. Volunteering is one way. It will not only help you to grow your network but will also help you to learn many things. You will work away from your comfort zone while at the same time, manage to develop your brand. It helps you to develop soft skills. You also become more personate about giving. As a leader, some top volunteer opportunities can be helpful. They include

1) Non-profit boards

The non-profit boards are called the board of directors. Boards differ depending on different organizations. The main work of the board is to help an organization to achieve its missions and visions. The members should also ensure that the organization is financially healthy, and it is operating effectively. Since the board members make decisions together. It helps to improve your leadership skills as well as teamwork and communication. Before joining the board, check its missions first and don’t participate if you are not willing to get committed. 

2) Become A Mentor

One of the best volunteer opportunities is becoming a mentor. To become who you are, you have gone through a long journey. You have made mistakes, gained experience, and learned vital lessons. If you got strong interpersonal skills and you are a good listener, you can become a good mentor. You can join a professional association within your industry and mentor young people. It’s the right way of helping others achieve their goals.

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3) Pro-Bono Consultant

Other volunteer opportunities include becoming a pro-bono consultant. Small non-profit making organizations can appreciate your help in strategic planning, its management, and even legal matters, among other services. When working close to them, you can give them ideas on how to handle some issues. Ensure that the services you intend to offer to that organization match with your profession. To get an organization to work with, you can look for the organizations that interest you. Check the services they require and ensure that you have a professional background about them.


If you desire to become a great leader, then look around for opportunities to improve your skills. If you decide to join a board, you will get a lot of experience deciding with the other people. You can also mentor those below you to climb the ladder.