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How to gather skills to become a freelancer

Jun 12, 2020

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A lot of people wouldn’t aspire to work in the corporate sector or multinational companies, some want independence and do it on their own, and such individuals are freelancers. Those who may have worked in such an environment may also switch to freelancing as well. There are several reasons for people to choose to do so. One of them being their own boss, there isn’t a specified time to clock in or clock out. Flexible working hours are what make it an interesting career option or career switch for some.

Why people want to be freelancers

The obvious reason to be a freelancer is to be in control and be able to make one’s own decisions, and the flexibility to work from anywhere and not stay restricted to your cubicle or office space. It can help you to focus more, perhaps with so many liberties. Freelancers are rightly termed as digital nomads in this day, and culture people prefer to relax and work on their own pace and not make a frantic approach to achieving career goals.

You can pick the projects that you want to work on and not wait for your ‘boss’ or team lead to decide whether he/she wants to hand you the project or not. You have the freedom to choose the clients you want to work with as well. It allows you to earn more than a salaried job because you might as choose the right profit-earning projects or spend more time than the office hours to earn more. You don’t have to ever be unpaid for your overtime. As a freelancer, you can charge for the amount of work you do each time.

What kind of skills can you pick up

Depending on the kind of interest you want to pursue, you can pick up various skill sets and get coaching online or offline for the same. The courses may be of different durations, as well as the fees involved for mastering those skills you need to freelance. There are also free sites as well as tutorials that coach you for the same.

-        You could pick up coding languages, and there are several million apps to help you out, or you can enroll in online academies which coach you coding.

-        If you have a passion for learning languages and want to be a translator, there are select apps that you can help you in this endeavor.

-        If you are creative and want to try your hand at graphic design, you could learn to use the right tools and be an accomplished designer. With specific websites that help you master graphic designing

-        There are website building courses you could learn this from scratch, and online classes help you pick coding as well as teach to build the website.

-        Blog writing has come about as a new way to express ideas and get the online crowd to know about life, food, travel, fashion, and so many other topics under the sun. You can start to blog on so many platforms on the online. You could hone your craft by joining writer’s forums, or classes to refine your writing skills.

-        Teaching English to non-native English speaking countries, they require second language English teachers, and you can get accreditation to teach as instructors in such institutions online.

-        Understanding and interpreting analytics may not sound so fun. Still, it is the trending, and freelancers sure want to be part of it. Especially when Google analytics itself is giving you the crash course, there are so many enthusiastic learners coming together to learn so many fascinating things such as SEO and much more.

-        You could go on to be a proofreader or editor, a Wikipedia contributor, photographer, product description copywriter and user testing are the endless list of things you can choose to be a freelancer in and earn your bucks and follow your passion. For any of your choices, there is material online for learning to pick up the nuances of each kind of possibility that you want to try out. All of them need effort and enthusiasm to learn and make it your own and succeed.


There are amazing options, and you can pick some tremendous online instructors or individuals who have put in the effort to put online material for you read up for several of the choices in freelancing. Some of it is free, and some are affordable to enroll, and definitely, you can utilize to make better earning, and when you get the hang of it, you could use it as a freelancer.