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Liver Cancer is Healed!

1,465 Ditonton

Liver Cancer Healed! No Tumor!

562 Ditonton

Oxygen Tank GONE after 15 Years!

350 Ditonton

Colitis is Supernaturally Healed!

448 Ditonton

Revelation Chapter 7 Part 2

10,720 Ditonton

Revelation Ch. 4 - Throne of God

248 Ditonton

It's Designed for You

999 Ditonton

You Can't Sit Until I Arrive

387 Ditonton

Shake It Off

540 Ditonton

Do It Lord

2 Ditonton

I Doubt It

813 Ditonton

God is Doing a New Thing

1,236 Ditonton

First Lady Irions Consecration

419 Ditonton

Love Your Enemy

272 Ditonton


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Before the Year is Out

81 Ditonton

I Came to Myself

428 Ditonton

He Took My Pain

38 Ditonton

It Don't Take A Lot

54 Ditonton

Fresh Word

293 Ditonton